The Reality-Based Personal Protection System has been developed by sergeant Jim Wagner. It is a system using an approach to self-defense which is as realistic as possible. Reality-Based contains three important forms of training: Pre-Conflict Training, Conflict Training, and Post Conflict Training.Furthermore, the system is elaborated by scenario trainings. The use of everyday clothing during training further enhances the sense of reality. Reality-Based training consists of multiple components. These are described below.

Defensive Tactics

In this form of training, you will learn all you need to know about attacking, blocking, conflict attitude and movement. In a 'real' conflict you will use just a few effective techniques, the rest is psychological.

Ground Survival

Ground Survival mostly concerns tactics. We will teach you how to dive away at gun shots, ground conflict positions, attack and defense, ground conflict, the use of weapons when on the ground and recovery techniques.

Knife Survival

Hundreds of 'elite' units over the entire world have been trained in the Jim Wagner Disarm Rule. You will learn angles of attack, criminal and terrorist techniques and many conflict practice situatuions.

Crime Survival

All self-defense techniques come together here where you will learn, step-by-step, to survive modern-day conflicts: armed robbery, gang violence, carjacking, attacks with chemical weapons, aggression in the courtroom, etc.

Terrorism Survival

Only a few instructors are authorized to give training in this particular subject. Jim Wagner has performed anti-terrorism assignments for the US government after 9/11. This training will teach you to survive the most common terrorist attacks.

Conflict Conditioning

With Conflict Conditioning you practise what different militairy and police units around the world train. You will learn the German GSG9 power exercises, French Foreign Legion punishment exercises, Morocco militairy power exercises, and also SWAT exercises for confidence and much more.....

Scenario Training

With Scenario Training we differ from other systems. With the help of light effects, sound effects, decor, make-up, and scripts, the training will be more realistic. Furthermore you'll learn to train realistic and safe.

Control & Defense

With Control & Defense you will learn what the best way is to escape out of the most strangulation holds and from there on how to control. You will also learn how to rescue people fro hostage situations and for example from a fire.

Improvised Weapons

One Mind One Weapon. This is the thought pattern for Improvised Weapons. You will train with everything that's within your vicinity, that could be used as a weapon. This could be objects or weapons, but not firearms or knives.

Handgun Survival

What happens if you manage to get the firearm from your oppenent? Do you know how to handle it safely? You will learn these things with Handgun Survival.


Training sessions are every Thursday evening, from 19:30-21:00 at the Cesar Frankrode 60a in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. The instructor is Christiaan Dekker. Should you have any questions, please  contact Chris.

Jim Wagner, Christiaan Dekker, and Mike Constantinides

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